HAV908V Oncoimmunology


Marie-Alix Poul

Julien Faget

Crédits : 5 ECTS


Julien Faget, IRCM

Angélique Bobrie, ICM

Delphine Gitenay, IRMB

Valérie Dardalhon, IGMM

Henri-Alexandre Michaud, IRCM

Jacques Colinge; IRCM

Laurent Gros, IRCM

Caroline BRET, CHU

Marie-Alix Poul, IRCM

Laurence Guglielmi, IRCM

Virginie Lafont, IRCM Renaud Lesourne, INSERM, Toulouse

Learning outcomes

Understand the role of the innate and adaptive immune system in the development of cancers.

Understand  how to modulate the immune system functions through conventional drug therapies, biotherapies or antigen-specific and non-specific immunotherapy to fight cancer.

Knowledge on immune related biological markers associated with a response to cancer therapy.

Methodological/practical aspects :

                Know the principles of the diagnostic tools used in immunology.

                Know the methods for the phenotypic, functional and genetic characterization of immune cells and tissues.

                Know the methods allowing the identification of the immunological profiles of a patient

Course contents

The teaching is organized into lectures and conferences and project based supervised work ending in the organization of a journal Club open to researchers/postdoc/PhD students in the field. The students will choose and present recent publications on hot topics in a selected field, that may change each year. They will be tutored by researchers/clinicians that participates in the unit. The evaluation is based on an oral presentation of supervised work and a final written exam.

Lectures (18 hr.)

Neutrophiles in Cancer

Macrophages in Cancer

NK cell in Cancer

gdT cells in Cancer

Immune checkpoint signaling and cross talk in T cells

Metabolic regulation of adaptative immunity: exploitation for immunotherapy

Use of mass spectrometry to decipher the immune tumor micro-environment 

Exploring immunity  to cancer using bio-informatic approaches

CAR-T cell therapy, CAR-T cell monitoring in patients

Antibody-based therapy against cancer (multispecific Abs, antibody drug conjugates)

Dendritic cells therapy and anti-cancer vaccination

Combined therapeutic approaches to counteract immunotherapy resistance in cancer: the example of melanoma model

Conferences : the subject will change every year to adapt to the actuality in Immuno-oncology (2 conferences)

academic year 2022-2023

-“Cancer cell phenotype plasticity as a driver of immune escape and resistance in melanoma” Julie Caramel, CRLC, Lyon, France

-« Going viral against pancreatic cancer » Dr Pierre Cordelier, CRCT, Toulouse, France

academic year 2023-2024

-“ CD4 T cells stimulation for therapeutic cancer vaccines success”, Olivier Adoveti, INSERM, Besançon, France

« Role of DNASEs in the regulation of self DNA immunostimmulatory potential in health and disease” Vanja SISIRAK, INSERM Bordeaux, France

Journal Club/Workshop theme (10hr personal work + oral presentation)


« Combinations therapies to potentiate and avoid resistance to immunotherapy » 2023-2024: “Cancer vaccination”


Basic knowledge of fundamental immunology

Modalités de contrôles des connaissances

Writen test 75% – Continuous assesment 25%

Session 2 : Writen test 100%