HAV921V Principles of Cancer Biology


Stéphane Bodin

Jean-Philippe Chambon

Crédits : 5 ECTS


JP Hugnot

S. Ansieau

J. De Vos

D. Gregoire

K. Pantel

A R. Thierry

N. Laguette

C. Panabière

L. Akkari

J. Colinge

U. Hibner

P. Pasero

D. Fisher

V. Pinet

A. Maraver

J. Dejardin

S. Roche

A. Turtoï

Jean-Emmanuel Sarry & Lucille Stuani

L. Stuani

M. Levrero


Cancer is a disease that exploits basic principles governing the functions of cells and organisms. Understanding cancer biology requires a highly multidisciplinary approach and is a prerequisite for the conception and future implementation of novel therapies.
The course « Principles of cancer biology » discusses the major concepts of current understanding of tumor initiation, progression and escape from treatment. It is complementary to both the  » Cell Fate Plasticity » and to « Cancer Therapy » modules.Courses are given by acknowledged experts in different fields, students are encouraged to interact with speakers, many of whom welcome Cancer Biology students in their laboratories for internships.


Format: Lectures  30 h ; analysis and discussion of articles 10 h

Part I : Basic concepts (8 hrs)

  • What is cancer? Hallmarks of cancer
  • Oncogenes and tumour suppressors
  • Genetic instability and cancer

Part II : Cellular Processes (11 hrs)

  • Cell cycle deregulation in cancer/mitosis
  • Autophagy: treatment escape
  • Epithelial-to-MesenchymalTransition (EMT)
  • Cancer metabolism

Part III : Pathophysiological processes (10 hrs)

  • Hypoxia, neo-Angiogenesis
  • Response to stress
  • Infection and cancer
  • Microenvironment, Inflammation

Part IV : Plasticity/heterogeneity (11 hrs)

  • Tumour initiating cells, plasticity
  • Minimal residual disease, circulating cancer cells, liquid biopsy, cancer dormancy
  • Inter- and intra-tumoral heterogeneity
  • Tumour evolution and progression

Modalités de contrôles des connaissances

Écrit 60%

Contrôle Continu 40%

Session 2 : écrit