Crédits 5
Responsables Angelos CONSTANTINOU


Intervenants D Constantinou, D Maiorano, P Pasero, B. Salles, P Calsou, G Legube, M Méchali, M Debatisse, J Déjardin, A Coquelle, D Fisher, A Castro, S Vagner, E Soutoglou, P. Pourquier, J Moreaux, M Dutreix
Objectifs The objectives of the « Genome Integrity and Cancer » TU is to give to the students the basic knowledge indispensable for the « Cancer Biology » teaching in M2. The themes developed will be related to the link between DNA replication stress and genomic instability and its consequences on tumor progression. The course will deal in particular with the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair and the exploitation of this knowledge for the development of new therapeutic strategies in cancer treatment.
Description lectures and tutored article presentations (40 h)
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1ère session Ecrit Oral TD CC

2ème session :