HAV814V Culture Cellulaire – Cell Cultures: Principles and Applications


Jean-Philippe Hugnot

Azel Zine

Crédits : 5 ECTS


. Provide theoretical and practical teaching of cell culture principles   

. Develop good laboratory practices in variety of cell culture models 

. Keep updated with recent breakthroughs in cell and tissue bio-engineering:                    (3D cell cultures, Biomaterials,  Spheroids, Organoids;  Assembloides,..)  


Apparatus of the cell cultures; Types of cell culture laboratories; Regulations; 

Culture media; Physico-chemical parameters; Vessels; Substrate attachments; 

Signaling pathways; Senescence/Immortalization; Primary cultures; Cell lines;

Differentiated and Stem cell cultures (including cancer stem cells); Adult and

Pluripotent stem cells; 2D and 3D cultures; Sensory and Cerebral organoids,..

Supervised works (TD)

The tutorials consist of analysis and presentation of scientific articles proposed during the sessions in relation with the teaching frameworks of the UE.

Modalités de contrôles des connaissances

Session 1       Written exam   75%                                Oral exam 25%                                                                                                                                                              Session 2       Written exam